If I Could Only Own 3 Things

When it come to the most functional and versatile products made, it amazes me that some products aimed at the simplest of tasks can end up having the most profound impact on nearly all of the things we should encounter in our everyday lives.

I decided I’d take the opportunity to share those 3 items, that I’ve spent a good portion of my life using them in a multitude of situations I encounter in all different areas of my life.

1. WD-40

     Some of my favorite alternative uses for this one-of-a kind simple water displacing spray:

– Removes water spots from mirrors (also prevents fogging)

– Removes crayon marks from absolutely anything

– Cleans dog crap from shoes

– Removes coffee and ink stains from leather

– Removes glue from nearly everything

– Cleans gum from chicken feathers (really?! who does that?)

– Removes finger prints (not from your fingers, obviously)

– Prevents rust of any metal item

– Shines tires of any sort and vinyl sneakers

– Eliminates squeaks in moving parts

For a never-complete list of the uses, visit: http://www.wd40.com/files/pdf/wd-40_2042538679.pdf and enjoy!

2. Duct Tape

     What doesn’t duct tape do? Surprisingly enough, there are a handful of uses that you may not have thought of. Here are some of my favorites:

– Use as an art medium (we’ve all seen those trendy wallets, and those amazing clothing articles)

– Makeshift lint roller

– Reflective lettering

– Patch a hole in a canoe (or anything really)

– Wrap your ankle for sports

– Fly paper

– Shower curtain

– Any sort of poor man’s car repair

– Put together anything waterproof

– Any sort of Halloween costume

There’s a list of 101 uses I found (mostly humorous) at this website: http://thezac.com/ducttape/ I’m sure you’ll be able to find something completely worthless you can use a roll of duct tape on, but I would highly advise against tee-peeing a house with it. Just sayin’.

3. Dryer Sheets

     I’ve been ridiculously impressed with the different uses dryer sheets have. Again, here is a list of a few of my favorite personal uses:

– Put one in your garbage can beneath the garbage bag to prevent smells from getting too out of hand

– Put one in your laundry basket/bag to ensure that your clothes won’t smell too bad before you take them to wash

– Put one in your suitcase when traveling to ensure your clothes are fresh and clean when you go to unpack

– Dust with a dryer sheet to remove dust off of nearly any surface

– They naturally repel insects, so put it in your picnic basket, etc. when you’re out and about and don’t want nature being a jerk

– Reduce static cling with hairs, etc. to clothing

– Attracts hair when you need to clean your furniture, or floors

– Put one in a book or near a set of books to keep the musty smell out and keep them in good condition (even though we can all admit we read books mostly for that musty smell of ‘classique’)

– Put one in the bottom side of your pillow case to help you sleep a little bit better at night

– Stash one under your floor mat in your car to keep your car smelling fresh no matter how clean you keep it (within reason, obviously)

There’s a great list of even more uses available at: http://www.curbly.com/Chrisjob/posts/1602-25-Alternative-Uses-for-Fabric-Softener-Dryer-Sheets


So, if I had to pick 3 quintessential items that I could choose to have, that would be the list (for obvious reasons). The versatility of those products behooves me. So this post comes from the product design side of me, and I absolutely love this type of stuff and rarely get to share that passion with too many people. I hope you enjoy it and get a chance to use these for some of your everyday activities. Please share if you have any of your own uses that are unlisted, as I’m sure others can benefit as well!

~ by trentgillaspie on February 1, 2009.

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