New Year’s Resolutions


This isn’t so much something that I’ve learned, but it might serve as inspiration for those reading it, and sets in stone what I plan to do in the next year. A great article on the psychology behind New Year’s Resolutions ( talks about how 37% of resolutions involve starting up some type of exercising, 75% of people fail their first attempt at the resolution, and 67% of people make more than one resolution. I’m looking to do the former and the latter, without the middle 🙂 .

My Resolutions for 2009

1. Break a sweat each day

2. Lose 10 pounds

3. Make my stand-up comedy debut in the public scene

4. Complete 5 of my 25×25 goals (as listed in a previous post)


The more goals you make, the more of a chance you have for success? Probably not, but now that I’ve got it written down, and they’re not TOO hard to do, let’s bring on 2009! Feel free to post your resolutions and share any thoughts you may have. 

Happy New Year’s Eve!

~ by trentgillaspie on December 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I think you added that 10 pounds one just because you wanted to identify with about, oh I don’t know, every other single American. 🙂

  2. Those resolutions, in my opinion, are very good, because the biggest mistake people make when they are making any type of goal or resolution is making them too difficult to follow through on. It it a lot more effective to make small reachable goals than huge unattainable ones, because when we fail to reach our goals, we usually give up altogether and thus make zero progress. Kind of defeats the purpose. Here’s my resolutions. I hope they aren’t TOO ridiculous.

    1.Consume at least two servings of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables per day.
    2.Meditate at least a half hour per week.
    3.Don’t let an entire week elapse for the entire year without an hour or more of exercise
    4.Read at least one chapter of a fun novel per week.
    5.Become proficient in HTML and Java, and design my own template for my blog.

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