It’s common knowledge that many of us succeed due in part to the goals we set for ourselves. There are many different ways to look at this though. Some set very achievable goals and others set very unrealistic goals. My pointer: set your goals to the tune of your dreams.

I recently had the opportunity to join a group of friends in coming up with our individual 25 Things to Accomplish Before 25 Years Old lists. Not only did this enable me to think of the things I want to do with my life, but it’s also A.) put time limitations on those goals and B.) allowed me a look inside the goals and dreams of a group of friends. I feel like this is the opportunity of a lifetime to share these aspirations with a small, tight-knit group of people.

Whether you’re 20, 30, 40, or beyond, it’s important to realize that we can still achieve our childhood dreams. If you’ve had the chance to read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (recently deceased college professor), then you understand where I’m coming from. It is so cliche to hear, “Live every day to the fullest,” yet I truly believe we each have the opportunity to do so. Wake up in the morning and think to yourself, “What is the one thing that I need to accomplish today in order for me to feel like I’ve accomplished what I need to.” Not only will this help you to get things done, but it will also spark your interest in thinking about the future.

Any of those who know me, I’m not shy or afraid of sharing so, of course, I’m going to post my list of the 25 things I’m going to accomplish between now and when I’m 25. The 26th thing on that list is to come up with a list of 30 more things I want to accomplish before I’m 30. 

I encourage every one of you to post your dreams, aspirations, and goal lists here, just to start getting your thoughts rolling, and to more importantly, start being active in pursuing your dreams and what, inevitably, makes you happy.

Here’s to dreaming!

(25 in 2 years and 2 months)

In No Particular Order…

1. Run the Bolder Boulder 10K in under 40:00 minutes.
2. Run a marathon. (Heck, qualify for the Boston Marathon.)
3. Speak on mainstream radio.
4. Surf in Hawaii.
5. Achieve a managerial position in work.
6. Have or be in the process of my MBA at one of the top 25 business schools in the U.S.
7. Return to Rome and visit Venice on the way.
8. Be proficient at parkour.
9. Complete a triathalon.
10. Go hot air ballooning.
11. Become skilled at swing dancing, salsa, and the runner.
12. Drive over 120mph on the Autobahn.
13. Be a groomsman at the wedding.
14. Give more than 500 hours of community service between now and 25 years.
15. Start my own company and be in the black.
16. Attain public office.
17. Establish a social network of over 200 highly qualified and connected people in all walks of life.
18. Own a 7-piece drumset.
19. Visit all 50 states. (Been to 29 so far)
20. Be in a long-term relationship for more than 6 months.
21. Sky dive.
22. Meet one of the 10 people on my “famous list.” (Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, David Kelly of Ideo, Steve Jobs, Lauren Michaels, Jay Leno, Barack Obama, Seal, Charlize Theoren, Girl Talk)
23. Return my parents the favor of paying for college.
24. Give something of great personal value to 3 people anonymously.
25. Maintain my current weight with a goal of being 10 under.

~ by trentgillaspie on November 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “25×25”

  1. 1) go back to alaska
    2) deep sea fishing
    3) own a big dog
    4) Live near family of some sort
    5) Go on a mission trip
    6) read the entire bible
    7) play football on national TV
    8) be engaged (if the time is completely right)
    9) gain as much knowledge as I can to open my own company
    10) open my own company
    11) play lacrosse again
    12) read all of the Gallup books
    13) Get involved in the church more
    14) Own my own house/apartment
    15) travel on a plane to a city for only one night out
    16) Coach a sports team
    17) Live downtown in a big city
    18) set up a weekly tradition (lunch after church, coffee shop night, ext.)
    19) visit Australia or Africa ( I know they are completely different)
    20) Swim with dolphins
    21) Go on another cruise
    22) Get a “true” six pack/ firm up after football
    23) Stay with all of my volunteer work, or 250 hours a year
    24) Give something of great personal value to someone else (Trent said it best so I give him credit)
    25) Help 5 people out in a life changing way ( get a job, money, scholarship, vacation) by utilizing my resources.

    these are just a few of the many but most importantly the last few because I would love to have a family and the ones I love around while helping impact the lives of others all for the glory of the one up above. God bless everyone Psalms 27:1

  2. Very cool. I’ll post mine when I finalize what is left over to do from my old ones, and see what I need to get done by 25!


  3. does that radio line include a certain shaggy sidekick? =D

  4. I must say, surfing is very hard! i was at if for over three hours and i think i stood up on the board once!
    oh and you can go hot airballooning over napa valley!

  5. Some of the things on my ‘bucket list.’ I never thought of a 25×25 list, and there’s probably much more I should think of…

    1. Hike to Macchu Picchu
    2. Become (at least) trilingual
    3. Spend two years of my life helping others (i.e. Teach for America)
    4. Drive a fast car on a race track.
    5. Get elected to a public office.
    6. Run a marathon.
    7. Graduate from a good law school.

    I need to think of more!!

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