Getting Work Orders Filled

If you ever get stuck with your landlord or management agency not fulfilling their end of the work order for 4 months (and we all know that will happen eventually), sometimes simply telling them to fill it won’t work. After 3 solid attempts of stopping in and talking with the management company and even filing a second work order, I was recommended to “drop them an e-mail”. Needless to say, I took the approach of making our place seem like a dump to get things done. While a tad deceptive in terms of hyperbole, all of the problems mentioned are in fact real. Here’s the e-mail I sent the manager of our housing management company…


I stopped in today to drop off our rent check for [123 ABC St.] and mentioned that our work order of 4 months still hadn’t been fulfilled. We’ve since had to screw in the door that was off its hinges on our own, but we still don’t have a working fireplace, the door to the garage is loose from the wall and lets bugs in along with the front door having poor insulation to keep insects out, and the master bedroom bath is leaky and the upstairs bath has a broken shower handle that doesn’t stay on. We filed the report back in July and didn’t hear back, went in at the end of September to ask again, and they made me fill out another work order. We want to just get the work done ourselves and deduct it from our monthly rent, but I was instructed that should not be done. Then, we’re up a creek without a paddle, and we’re cold, bug-filled, and having shower problems. I was suggested to write you an email as that was the best way to contact you. It would be great if you could get back to me and let me know if this will ever get fulfilled by the time our rent runs out.

Thank you for your time and understanding


I may have made our place seem like an exaggerated dump, but everything was completely fixed within 24 hours. Sometimes it pays to be up front, even if there is some exaggeration. We weren’t happy with the previous results and now we had the expedited turnaround we originally assumed would happen. It simply gets things done.

~ by trentgillaspie on November 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Getting Work Orders Filled”

  1. nothing irks me more that bad customer service… good that it’s finally fixed, but there’s no excuse for having to wait 4 months… maybe send a follow-up email to see if they’ll give you a credit on your rent…

  2. Sometimes all it takes is to just ask! Just had a similar thing happen with construction outside of Stacwyck- I asked why it was happening right outside of a residence hall at 7 AM, and I was told that their contract said they couldn’t work until 8, and we solved the problem!

    Good work, Trent.

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